Intermediate web developer training : Session 1


Web developer training : Session 1, intermediate level

This course is designed for those with basic web development experience who wish to expand their knowledge. It can include more advanced technologies, such as CSS and JavaScript frameworks, as well as back-end skills, such as database management and web server creation.

Training program

I . Advanced front-end technologies
      • Frameworks CSS tels que Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Materialize, etc.
      • JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue.js, etc.
      • Advanced animation techniques with CSS and JavaScript.
II. Back-end skills
      • Relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc.
      • Frameworks back-end tels que Node.js, Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc.
      • Architecture and design of web servers.
III. Development tools
      • Version control systems such as Git and GitHub.
      • Integrated Development Environments (IDE) such as Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, etc.
      • Dependency and package management with npm, Yarn, Composer, etc.
VI. Good development practices
      • SOLID principles and design patterns.
      • Unit tests and integration tests.
      • Code documentation and API documentation.
V. Practical projects and internships
      • Development of web applications with advanced features such as user management, online payments, real-time notifications, etc.
      • Design and development of dynamic and responsive websites.
Start of training

01 juin 2023

Price of the training

200,000 CFA payable in two monthly installments

Payment mode

Cash - Airtel money - Moove money or bank transfer: Payment in two instalments accepted

One click WhatApp

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