Online Community Manager Training: Session 1


Online Community Manager Training: Session 1

Master the essential skills in community management to succeed in the constantly evolving digital world with our 100% hands-on and interactive online training.

Training program

    I. Introduction to Community Management
    • Presentation of Community Management
    • Roles and Responsibilities of the Community Manager
    • The Importance of Community Management for Businesses
    II. Understanding Social Networks
    • Presentation of various social networks.
    • Choosing the appropriate social media platforms for the company.
    • Understanding algorithms and the rules of each social network.
    III. Developing a communication strategy.
    • Definition of communication strategy objectives
    • Target Identification
    • Développement de la voix et de l’image de marque
    VI. Content planning
    • Establishment of the Editorial Calendar
    • Creation of value-added content
    • Integration of User-Generated Content
    V. Development of Engaging Content
    • Writing Compelling Texts
    • Creating high-quality visuals
    • Using video and audio to create content
    VI. Social media marketing
    • Advertising on social media platforms
    • Organic reach optimization.
    • Using influencers to reach new audiences.
    VII. Community Manager Tools
    • Publisher Manager
    • Monitoring and intelligence tools
    • Data analysis tools
    VIII. Performance measurement and data analysis
    • Definition of relevant KPIs for the communication strategy
    • Analysis of the results obtained
    • Implementation of corrective actions according to the results
    IX. Conclusion
    • Assessment of the training
    • Areas of improvement for the communication strategy
    • Future prospects for community management
Start of training

May 15, 2023

Price of the training

50000 CFA

Payment mode

Airtel money - Moove money or bank transfer: Payment in two instalments accepted

One click WhatApp

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