Outsourcing, IT and Consulting

Our offer in outsourcing, IT and consulting will allow you to refocus on your core business and entrust us with your IT assets. Allocate your IT teams to tasks with higher added value and have indicators allowing you to have a business-oriented visibility of your IT tool, while having strong commitments and technical expertise to ensure the maintenance in operational conditions of your information system. Our outsourcing service offers are perfectly adapted to your constraints and can be modulated according to the criticality of your applications and according to a production/business imperative.

  • Operational maintenance of your information system
  • System and network administration.
  • Audit of information systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Voice over IP
  • Video monitoring
  • Outsourcing
  • Consulting
Operational maintenance of your information system

Our experts ensure the operational maintenance of your workstations, your servers, your network and your firewalls

System and network administration.

We manage your users' workstations and the network systems that link them together, thus guaranteeing the proper flow of information in your company.

Audit of information systems

We will provide you with personalized support to ensure the proper functioning and performance of your installation.

IP Telephony

VoIP will allow you to superimpose the principle of traditional telephony on current communication networks, ranging from satellite systems to Wi-Fi and cell phone technologies.


Your security is our priority. We support companies and governments like yours in their efforts to protect sensitive information and business-critical systems.

Hardware supplies and
IT services

We offer a wide range of computer equipment and hardware: computers, servers, printers, connectors, keyboards, GPS equipment, link antennas, repeaters etc.

Video monitoring

You will be able to effectively control your institution and prevent terrorism and more generally crime (holdups, burglaries, roadside assaults, etc.) and operate a social control (crowd movements, etc.)


Outsource or be supported by entrusting your IT tasks to our experts. Local support at your service, remote or on-site assistance depending on the level of the tickets.


Digital strategy consulting, technological choices and management of IT projects. We help you prioritize your needs, choose a solution, pilot the deployment and supervise the whole project.

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