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Marck Zuckerberg: A drop of 6 billion $ US following the failure of Monday, October 04, 2021

Selon Forbes Marck is dropping from the fifth to the sixth position among the world's richest men. The young billionaire and co-founder of the social media network Facebook, who later acquired WhatsApp and Instagram, has seen his fortune melt away. One thing is certain, this enormous setback, fortunately resolved, will leave a lasting mark on his life and the lives of his users.

At the Wall Street stock exchange in New York, Facebook, the social media giant, lost 4.89% of its wealth.

What is the cause of the breakdown?

For administrators, the cause would be at the server level DNS, but this can be a fundamental diagnostic element. But in reality, the main cause is the absence of a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing gateway pointing to the Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram social network site.

And you, what is your cause? Leave your answers in the comments.



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  1. MBAIRO Bonheur
    11 October 2021 Reply

    Un pirate informatique, cherchant à se déconnecter du monde tout en restant actif sur le réseau, a déconnecté une partie des utilisateurs par mégarde sur le réseau social. Son action a supprimé une arête nécessaire du graphe qui représente le chemin d’accès au réseau social. Maintenant, il a compris qu’il s’agit d’une faille.

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